The history of the establishment of the Belaruskali RSMU began in 1973. Then the management included two areas - the assembly and the manufacture of ventilation systems. Management has repeatedly changed its structure. In April 1995, the company Remstroymontazh was formed with a team of 1,585 people based on the RSMU and RSMU-3 operating in the Belaruskali software, which included the management of the company with its welding and defectoscopy laboratory and three specialized departments. Each of them consisted of three sections: repair and construction, repair and installation, and a section of protective coatings. Over 12 years of work, the number of the team increased to 1,866 people, and the structure of the company itself has undergone significant changes. It already consisted of 5 RSMU, auxiliary production and mechanization management, a welding and defectoscopy laboratory. RSMU number 1-4 were located on the territory of the respective mine departments. The main task of these directorates was to maintain the buildings and structures, building structures, metal structures, as well as technological equipment of the surface departments of the mine groups.

RSMU-5 was located directly in the city of Soligorsk. The management tasks were: the capital construction of the Krasnoslobodsky mine, the Berezovsky mine, the construction of residential buildings in the city of Soligorsk and Velichkovichi, the overhaul of the dormitories, the Berezka sanatorium, kindergartens, etc. Management of auxiliary production and mechanization provided all RSMU with concrete, mortar, sand, asphalt, wood products, as well as all types of construction equipment, cars and machinery.

In order to speed up production management, reduce the cost of transportation services and transport workers to the work site in September 2007, Remstroymontazh was reorganized: four repair and construction and assembly departments were transferred to the mine departments. Of the remaining units was formed repair and construction and installation management. It included a construction and assembly workshop and a workshop for the production of construction products and mechanization, a welding and defectoscopy laboratory, and a group for adjusting ventilation systems. On August 1, 2014, in connection with the reorganization of Belaruskali, a unitary construction enterprise, Trest Remmontazhstroy, was established, consisting of 5 RSMUs and the management of auxiliary production and mechanization.

The list number of employees on 09/01/2017 - 1 694 people. Of these, 1,404 are men, 290 are women.